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How to Use the Checklist Feature
How to Use the Checklist Feature
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NOTE: The Checklist feature can only be used if a playbook has been setup for the agreement that you're negotiating.

The Checklist feature serves as a valuable tool for identifying risks and ensuring consistency within your legal team, as well as making suggestions for how contracts can be modified to satisfy the requirements that are expressed by your checklist items. By reviewing each item on the Checklist, Latch can assist you with an initial review on whether or not the Checklist requirement has been fulfilled, where the agreement addresses that requirement, and how the agreement can be modified to satisfy it.

Checklists are particularly useful when reviewing agreements on third-party paper. However, the Checklist feature can also be used for reviewing agreements on first-party paper if the counterparty creates redlines. In these instances, it serves as an efficient method for tracking and evaluating the counterparty's proposed revisions.

To use the Checklist feature:

1. Click the ‘Checklist’ option in the Home Page of the playbook you've selected.

2. Click the ‘Analyze document’ button.

3. Latch will inform you to what extent your Checklist requirement has been fulfilled by displaying a badge next to the checklist item that will show either:

  • A green badge mentioning 'Passed' (if the requirement has been fulfilled),

  • A red badge mentioning 'Not met' (if the requirement has not been fulfilled), or

  • A yellow badge mentioning 'Partial' (if the requirement has been partially fulfilled)

4. You can click on the 'See explanation' button to receive an explanation on why Latch believes that the Checklist Item’s requirement has or has not been fulfilled.

5. Click on a source to navigate to the relevant passage in the document.

6. For any checklist items where the requirement is either partially or not met, Latch will provide a recommendation for how the agreement can be modified so the checklist requirement is met, and provide the option to apply that modification right into the agreement. You will see this in the Recommendations menu after the checklist analysis has finished for each checklist item.

7. If the suggested redline looks acceptable, you can then update the document with the modification by clicking on the 'Update document' button. You also have the option of included an automatically generated comment as well, communicating the justification for the change to a counterparty upon their review of the updated document.

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