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How to use your Clause Library
How to use your Clause Library
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NOTE: The Clause Library feature can only be used if a playbook has been setup for the agreement that you're negotiating.

The Clause Library is a collection of your most frequently used clauses, and is designed to streamline the contract negotiation process. You can use the Clause Library feature to directly insert your clause or generate redlines of the counterparty’s clause language so that it is consistent with your standard legal positions.

A) To generate a compromise clause, follow these steps:

  1. Click the ‘Clause Library’ option in the Home Page of the playbook you've selected.

  2. In the Clause Library, select the clause you wish to modify.

  3. When you select a clause, Latch will try to automatically detect this clause in the agreement. If Latch is unable to find the clause, or has not made the selection that you are looking for, you can manually make a selection in the document yourself.

  4. You can manually select the corresponding clause in the counterparty’s agreement by selecting the ‘Manually select clause’ button.

  5. To generate a compromise clause, decide which standard or fallback option you want to use and select the ‘Generate suggestions’ button to begin generating suggestions for how the counterparty’s language can be updated to conform with the legal position in your chosen option.

  6. You can accept or reject suggestions by selecting the toggle switch next to each suggestion. You can also edit suggestions by clicking into them.

  7. Once you have decided on which suggestions you want to preserve, selecting the ‘Apply’ button will generate a “surgical” redline of the counterparty’s clause that incorporates your chosen suggestions, selectively making additions and deletions to the counterparty’s language.

  8. Once the redline is generated, update the document by clicking the ‘Insert’ button.

B) Alternatively, to insert your clause language verbatim instead of creating a compromise clause, you'll want to:

  1. Either click the cursor where you'd like to insert the new clause in the agreement, or highlight the clause you'd like to fully replace.

  2. You can then select the clause from your clause library that you'd like to insert, and click the 'Insert' button after choosing the standard or fallback version of your desired clause.

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