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How to Use the Ask Feature
How to Use the Ask Feature
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The Ask feature allows you to inquire about any information you might want to obtain from a document you're creating or reviewing. You can ask Latch a variety of questions, such as whether an agreement contains certain obligations, e.g. “does this agreement contain an auto-renewal?”. You can also ask Latch to draft contract language for you, e.g. “how would I add a termination for convenience?”

To use the Ask feature:

1. Click the ‘Ask’ option in the Home Page of the playbook you've selected.

2. To ask a question about a specific portion of the document, please highlight the relevant section. If you have a general question about the whole document, ensure that no part of the document is selected.

3. Write the question down and click ‘Submit’.

4. Latch will respond with an answer to your question.

5. Click on a source to navigate to the relevant passage in the document.

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